Our Process

We’ll take the vision you have in your head and transform it into a custom 3D floor plan. You’ll be able to virtually walk through every room in your dream home before your builders break ground.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Let the fun begin! The first step in bringing your dream house into reality is sharing your vision with us, your friendly dream team.

We’ll review your inspo pics and ask lots of questions to get crystal clear on the home of your dreams. Then we’ll work up an estimate for your design. Once you give the nod of approval, we’ll start bringing your dream into reality.

Step 2: The First Sketch

We’ll work up a sketch of the front exterior and send it to you for review. It’s important to get clear on this design element first since it will determine possibilities for the interior. Just a heads up, this sketch won’t be a picture-perfect rendering - that comes later!

Step 3: Perfecting the Design

OK, this is the really fun part! Our dream team of experts will meet with you in-person or virtually. We’ll take all your feedback, answer any questions, and give you guidance on design considerations to best suit your needs.

Then we’ll work our magic and send you a high-quality, 3D rendered design. It will include all of the interior and exterior details you’ve envisioned, down to the furniture you’ll be using in each room.

Next up, it’s time to refine. We’ll provide two rounds of revisions to the design*, so you can be 100% sure it’s exactly what you want.

*Extra rounds of revisions are available at an additional cost.

Step 4: The Big Reveal

It’s time for the big reveal of your customized home design. We’ll send the finalized design to you. We’ll also send you a video link, so you can walk through your 3D dream home over and over again while you wait for construction to be complete.

Your custom dream home is just a few easy steps away from becoming a striking reality you’ll enjoy for years to come.