About Us

Your Dream Home, Customized to Fit Your Needs Perfectly

Your new home should feel like the perfect fit the first time and thousandth time you walk through the front doors. 

Every time you prepare dinner in your custom kitchen, go to sleep in your master bedroom or take a luxurious soak in your well-appointed bathroom, we want you to feel like you’re living in your grandest vision come true.

Our dream team will work closely with you to clarify your hard-to-describe vision and transform it into a visual masterpiece. Yes, we’re really good at reading minds.

We’ll leverage our design and construction expertise to ensure every element of your design is thoughtfully customized, including the details you might not have even considered. 

With our cutting-edge 3D modelling software, you’ll be able to virtually walk through every room before the foundation is even poured.

Sit back and relax, while our dream team takes the home you’ve imagined in your head and transforms it into the perfect plan for your builders. And skip the nightmare (not to mention the extra money and time) of changing things partway through the build, knowing your Dream Big Home Design has been crafted to your exact wishes. 

Our Values


We believe integrity is built through honest relationships and walking the talk. We always communicate and work from a place of transparency, respect, and sincerity. 


It’s your dream home and nothing but the very best will do. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. From delivering exceptional customer service to creating a high-quality design customized to the nth detail, we never compromise on making your dream home come true.


We always lead with kindness. It’s just how we’re built and we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong when you bring your whole heart to the table. 


Homeownership affords a freedom that we deeply value. We are committed to helping every client experience the ultimate freedom that comes with bringing their ultimate dream home into a reality they will enjoy for years to come. 


We like to laugh and infuse our workdays with fun. We believe that designing your dream home should be an enjoyable process and our dream team wants to make sure you’re smiling the whole way through. There might even be a few high fives and happy dances along the way! 


Family is integral to us. We value quality time spent with our loved ones and wholly believe that home is where the heart is. That’s why we’re dedicated to crafting home designs that are perfectly tailored to your family’s needs and desires. 

Our Story

Hi, we’re Tim and Danielle, the co-owners and big dreamers behind DBHD.

Partners in life first, we found our way into business while designing our own dream home. That’s when we realized there was no one on Prince Edward Island offering the type of design service we needed to craft every detail of our dream home.

Lucky for us, we were able to leverage our own expertise to render a high-quality 3D design of our dream home. Tim, who is an engineer and has extensive experience in the construction industry, brought his years of experience and knowledge to the table. Danielle brought her years of expertise building virtual homes in The Sims (yes, the video game!) and an innate eye for design to the project.

And, voila, in no time at all our vision had been transformed into a beautiful 3D house plan. 

We could explore it virtually and finally give our family and our builders a clear picture of what we were envisioning. It also helped us get onboard with each other’s ideas once we could see them in full colour and detail.

That’s when we realized there were likely many other families on PEI (and beyond!) like us. Folks looking for a personalized, expert-led approach to designing their custom home, right down to the tiniest detail. 

And so we left our day jobs, took a big leap of faith, and opened the doors to Dream Big Home Design.

Today, we love helping our customers bring their custom homes and home renos into reality. It’s our dream come true.

We look forward to crafting your unique home design and will be by your side every step of the exciting process.  And, of course, we hope we get an invitation to see your dream house once it’s fully constructed!

Your custom dream home is just a few easy steps away from becoming a striking reality you’ll enjoy for years to come.